About Us

Mother India Charitable Trust (MICT) was founded in the year of 2015. and registered under Trust Act having Unique Identification Number (UIN) UP/2018/0204743 from NITI Ayog, Govt of India. at Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. With the main motive of public service mainly in the field of education and removing illiteracy. Mother India Charitable Trust (MICT) runs an institute to serve the educational needs of the people in the region.

Since the foundation, we had the team of professional lawyers, Doctors, Teachers and Media Persons who were dedicated their lives for social reforming. Our Prime mission was social service. To step ahead in this mission, Mother India Charitable Trust came into existence in the year of 2015. And since then, we’re serving the various needs of the community. Our team has social reforming skills, that’s was the biggest reason of our rapid success and growth in the passed years.

Our Mission

We saw that there were some social evils destroying our community and beautiful country, like Criminal attitudes in growing teenagers, addiction of alcohol and other similar products, nudity, and illiteracy, to fight with all of them, we founded the NGO to serve the various needs of the region and the society.

Our Vision

Education of our youth is our prime vision. Another straight vision is to be the best and most trusted and respected NGO in the region where our valuable people come for the peace of mind that their interests are being cared by a team that will really take care of them with full dedication and transparency.

Our Fulfilled Dreams (Activities)

Here is what we have done so far. We successfully aschieved the following milestones and now focusing on achieving more.

Launched a campaign against the addiction of alcohol

(168 Persons were rahabiliated back to life during this procees)

Founded Three Primary Schools in different villages (free of fee)
(1000+ Students of various levels got admitted so far)
Founded a madarsa for religious and modern education.(free of fee)
(550+ Students got admitted so far in madarsa)
Distributed various school supplies in MICT Schools
(Around worth of Rs. 3,00,000/- Supplies have been distributed so far)
Organized many event on various occasion
(Organized events on independance day, Republic day, Children’s day, Woman’s
day and other events and meetings related to NGO
Distributed various necessaties to the poor people in the region
(Around worth of Rs, 1,00,000/- Clothes, blankets, and other warm clothes were distributed so far)

Our Dream Projects

Here are some of our projects which were passed in the meetings of our NGO. and soon to be implemented.

Development of a Charitable Eye Hospital in Hapur
Development of a girls inter collage in Noida Phase II
Development of a Masjid in Vill. Ikla Inayatpur (Gzb)
Development of a mahila rozgar center in masoori
Development of a madarsa for girls teaching Alima, Fazila, Hafiza, Arabic and Persian
Development of a Computer Training Center
Development of a Junior School-cum-Madarsa
Reconstruction of a Masjid in Vill. Partapur (Hapur)
Construction of atleast 1000 Public Conveniences in different places


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